HELLO! We're Jack and Melba Poole, a husband and wife team who are true treasure hunting enthusiasts (ok, maybe him a little more than me...)  One day over 40 years ago, Jack saw someone metal detecting and thought it looked like a lot of fun; one ring and a few coins later, he was hooked!

Fast forward 20 years... we made the decision to blend our work and our passion, starting Treasure Finders of Fort Walton Beach, FL. We enjoy sharing our many years of experience with our customers, who quickly become our friends. It's not unusual for folks from all over the world to come in year after year just to say hello, test the latest gadgets and swap a detecting story or two. They'll tell you we're the kind of people who believe in selling a quality product at a fair price and won't just send you away with a box and a lot of questions. We'll put it together for you, make sure you know how everything works plus share our best tips and tricks.

Over the years, we've tried many brands of machines and choose what we feel is the cream of the crop; offering the latest technology and best quality for an affordable price. 

Treasure Finders