HELLO! We're Jack and Melba Poole, a husband and wife team who are true treasure hunting enthusiasts (ok, maybe him a little more than me...)  One day over 40 years ago, Jack saw someone metal detecting and thought it looked like a lot of fun; one ring and a few coins later, he was hooked! 

Although we have closed our shop & retired, Jack still enjoys metal detecting. He is available to search for lost items for a fee of $100 per hour. Call him 850-244-3744 or cell 850-585-4648.

‚ÄčAlso, an open invitation for any of our former customers who come to town: Give Jack a call!! Loves to chat about your finds or share his knowledge of the hobby. We miss our friends that were so loyal to always come to our little mom & pop shop instead of shopping online or the big box stores. We are forever humbled & grateful for your support of the years we were in business.

Treasure Finders